Here’s a small update on what I just finished.

there hasn’t been many updates. This is what I’m working on:

Hex Nuts 2

This is just another view.

Hex Nuts

Just a little something I made on the way to and from school.

and I am sorry for that. Quite a lot is going on lately, I’m working more, and I’m in school again. Though this does come with advantages, the ride to and from school is a good 1 1/2 hours I…

DEXTER: A True Story Trailer

So the short film mentioned a few posts ago is now in production. About 1/4 of it has been filmed already, and I chopped up some footage to make a short little trailer to get you guys interested. My goal,…

A Wonderful Day

So I went outside this morning and saw three full blooms on each of the sunflowers. And if you didn’t know I’ve got about four peppers on the pepper plant, two ready to be taken off anytime. So here’s some…

httpvhd:// So here’s the short VFX work I’ve been doing lately. It came time where I was like ok, I’m just done with this. Most of the time was spent tweaking things to get different results. And a little more…

This one’s finally done! httpvhd://

Here’s a still from the upcoming glass shattering video.