3D Teapot reconstruction

Quick test of a tool I’ve been creating in Houdini. Feed it particles and it will find any number of nearest particles. Using those, it will join the particles to any number of their nearest number of particles with lines….

Light Streaks

And the last one for tonight:

3D Light Streaks

Like I said, here’s another:

Light Streaks

I’ve been playing around in Houdini lately, working up the knowledge to build this idea I have. Came up with this last night. It’s very easy to create different variations of this same idea, so I might post a few…

3D Minecraft Canyon Render

So I think I’m getting close to mastering how to make these. I’ve gotten a lot less visual artifacts as well as a prettier render overall. It’s also making me realize how slow my machine is compared to newer machines….

3D Minecraft Lava Creeper Render

Another Minecraft related work, including lava. 3D Minecraft, 3d creepers, minecraft lava, etc. Like I said, I’ll probably keep making some more of these. PS: 3D Minecraft rendering, minecraft in 3D, 3D creeper render

3D Minecraft Cave Render

Here’s something I recently made. I was spending too much time tweaking everything so I’m just gonna post it to say I’m not working on it anymore. I’ll probably make some more of these.

A 3D character from Cyanide and Happiness composited onto a photo

Here’s something I whipped up in a couple of hours earlier this morning. It features a 3D character from the web comic, Cyanide and Happiness. I’ve rigged him and posed him sitting on something in the scene. I used a…

For those of you interested in creating “3D” 3D images using 3Delight, here’s a quick little starter for you. You can render from multiple cameras at the same time in the same render pass and save LOADS of rendering time…

3D Kitchen scene

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I’ve been really busy. The fact that I do most of this stuff when I’m at work means that when I’m at home, I don’t want to do it that…