3D Christmas Garland Close Up

3D Christmas Lights & Garland

Inspired by the Christmas decorations I’ve recently put up, I’ve created a few in Maya. Admittedly, this would have been much easier in Houdini, but I plan on creating an interior in Maya and didn’t want to be switching programs…

3D Snowy Woodlands Cabin

3D Snowy Woodlands Cabin

It’s been a little while, but over this past weekend I had a vision and I set out to do it with my free-time. My goal is to try out a few new 3D styles, some photo-real and some not….

3D Minecraft Cove Render

3D Minecraft Render Cove

So here’s another one I finished a while ago although I’m just now posting it.

Houdini Waterfall Pt2

Here’s another, larger scale simulation of that waterfall system I created in my previous post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SqwK_Dj9og

Houdini Waterfall

Here’s something I’ve done completely in Houdini. Render quality isn’t great, but I just wanted it to render quick so I can start working on it again. http://youtu.be/LBXw1INxrHo Right now, I’ve created a procedural mountain and scattered rocks across the…

3D Minecraft Cave Render

3D Minecraft Render Cave

It’s been a little while, so here’s another one. I would be doing these a lot quicker if I wasn’t always waiting on renders. A few more weeks and I think I’m just going to build a new computer. And…

3D Teapot reconstruction

([dr]e)?construction no.5

Quick test of a tool I’ve been creating in Houdini. Feed it particles and it will find any number of nearest particles. Using those, it will join the particles to any number of their nearest number of particles with lines….

Light Streaks

Light Streaks 3

And the last one for tonight:

3D Light Streaks

Light Streaks 2

Like I said, here’s another:

Light Streaks

Light Streaks

I’ve been playing around in Houdini lately, working up the knowledge to build this idea I have. Came up with this last night. It’s very easy to create different variations of this same idea, so I might post a few…