3D Minecraft Tower Rear Render

With a lot of experience coming from the past few renders, I was able to generate this image with ridiculously less render time than when I was first playing with it weeks ago. While I didn’t think the last image benefitted from displacements, I love the look of it on this render. This is a rear view of the tower we’ve constructed, looking at it from a walkway to an unfinished pylon.

Notice in this render the IndustralCraft wires and BuildCraft pipes. I’ve also been working on some enhancements to jMc2Obj, which are currently in my fork of jMc2Obj here, and some of which have been merged into jMc2Obj already. That branch I linked includes a block exporter for both the pipes and wires. I haven’t published my updates to the DataDumper mod that export the configuration automatically, but with a little configuration tweaking you could be exporting pipe-like models.

Minecraft Tower Rear 3D Render Wallpaper