Text update only today.


It’s amazing that in just three weeks all these plants have grown from just a little sprout to these leafed beasts. Plants are incredible things. They store all the nutriets they need until awaken and then grow and grow and grow. It’s amazing. Just a little sunlight, water, and CO2 can do that. I wonder what the life of a plant would be like. It’s kinda depressing. Sprout. Follow the sun. Wave around in the wind. Keep going for the bloom. Almost there. Bloom. Wilt. It’s so… climactic. 

For the Sunflowers and first Zinnia, they’re all doing well. The Zinnia keeps doing this thing where all the leaves point up and form these V looking shapes. Really cool. Then he goes back to normal for a little while. It’s like he’s waving. Sunflowers are getting wider rather than taller. They grow a very small amount upwards each day. But their leaves expand so much more. One’s leaves are long and they droop off and rest on the dirt. It’s like a little ramp up to the flower.

Out of the new ones, they’re doing fine. The Zinnias are already working on their true leaves. So is the sunflower, but his initial set is getting really thick and has veins running through it now. I’ve set him up on my windowsill beacuse it’s been a little too sunny for this time of the year. Whenever it starts to get dimmer outside I move him back to his light.

Moss Roses are not treating me well. All of them keep damping off. I even refused to water some of them and they still did. I’m seeing if some will grow without water at all for now. And then I’m trying ways to prevent damping off.

Sorry for the lack of VFX lately. I just don’t have time at this point. I might try another turning things to skittles video just to ease you guys over. This house project will take a while.

Today has just been weird. I wanted to get a lot of my homework done that’s due in like two weeks but I can’t find the attention span to do it.

Thus. This post was born.