Today was



Almost every single seed I used to germinate the Moss Roses and Zinnia’s have sprouted by now. I’m amazed at how quickly that happens for them. They’re just sleeping and I give them a little prod and they wake up. 

I’ve got all my pots organized and some soil in them (both pots and soil from my incredible hunnishnuckumbunch) and the seeds are sown.

Hopefully. The dirt didn’t like the water too much and a huge water bubble formed. Hopefully over the night it’ll sink in and then since it’s damp it’ll be easier to water. The Zinnia’s are pretty straightfoward:

Three medium clay pots. One in each in the center. I used the three biggest and nicest looking sprouts and I’m confident they’ll grow soon.

The Moss Roses might be difficult. Since the seeds are so small (think of ground pepper. then think smaller) it’s hard to tell the sprouts. But I used a magnifying glass and just about all of them had little sprout tails =]

They are also sticky. Getting them into the soil was tricky. (I rhyme!)

Yeah. I have one really small pot that I kinda sprinkled a few off my fingers into the center and put a super thin layer of soil on top of and watered. I’ve got a pot that’s about the same height but really wide and I did the same thing but in three little sections. My last one I used a tin chocolate box that I banged some holes in for drainage. There were so many little seeds stuck to the paper towels it was insane. So I just put the paper towels in there and put a thin layer of dirt on top of them and made them damp.

I guess these are kind of experiments to see what’ll grow (hopefully at least one from each. but I’m using the word hopefully a LOT today). I’m hoping (damn it, again >_>) that if some (god forbid) don’t grow in the smaller containers, a LOT will sprout from the tens of seeds in the large one and I can just transplant.

I really need to organize my room too. All of these are on one side of the room and it’s kinda messy. For now, I think I’ll keep the sunflowers and peppers where they are and move all these pots over to my window and keep that open for them because it faces south (sun goes from East -> South -> West here in Georgia) and clamp my little light above them for supplement light. Which works out because the color temperature wavelength of that light is the wavelength plants use to flower. So maybe I’ll get some early blooms.

I’m laying off watering my sunflowers for a little while. I noticed some brown on the leaves of two of them. And I remember reading that they suck up a lot of water in the beginning but once they get more leaves they need a lot less. Most sunflowers are drought resistant after a certain amount of time so they shouldn’t keel over and die.

That’s it though.  Tomorrow after school I’ll organize everything and upload pictures with it.