Ok some more popped up.

The one from yesterday is almost double it’s size out of the dirt.

One popped up next to him so I took that one out because it wasn’t the first. Tough shit eh?

And in another of my groups one has popped up.

The one from yesterday is a lot less yellow and more green now.

The new one is yellow. But he’s pretty big compared to the other one.

Here’s a good idea.

I will be hereby referring to the first one that sprouted as #1.
The other one that just sprouted it #2.
Then so on for the next two that have to sprout.

I don’t know exactly which plants are which right now. I lost track when they were germinating and then I’ve rotated the bin >_>

OH. And also, the pepper seeds germinated finally. This morning. They have itty bitty tails coming out of them.

So now I have to set up my other container and plant them and find a better way to fit all of these together.