Was a lot of fun. We went to Little Five Points for a little while and then met up with some other (very crazy) people at the Avenue.

I brought my camera but I only got two pictures, one of which was an accident and turned out REALLY nice. It’s at the bottom of this post.

Update on what I’m working on:

The short animation is ALMOST done. I have to rig and ready the last scene. And then render. And I might go back and rerender the second because I noticed a problem in it. But it all fits very nicely together and is shorter than what I expected. It’s about 35 seconds right now. But it feels longer. So. Expect that really soon.

I don’t know why but the second video in my last post has yet to be processed. What the hell YouTube. Get on your shit. You processed the two videos after it in less than two hours. And you just leave the second one unfinished for no reason?




The Cat