The Beginning

This is my first post and therefore will probably be longest. Hell if you read this you must be really interested (so comment or something) and/or really bored.


Me, Me, Me:
Just call me Cameron or whatever. I’m 18 and currently a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta for…. Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Who would’ve guessed. I work at a Blockbuster so I also watch a LOT of movies in my spare time. I love movies. I’m going to work on movies. I make movies. You get the idea. I’m happily taken and plan to be for a really long time. I 3D model a lot but right now I’m moving towards VFX and modeling and compositing for that. Posts under Me, Me, Me will pretty much just be me updating you on my life and any drastic changes in it. Not that you’d care.

VFX Related:
Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on, have completed, or want to work on. (click images for big versions)

White Chevrolet Express (THE white van)
Kind of an unorthodox automobile to model. But I’m sick of the insane about of Lambo’s or Feraro’s (or Ferari if you will) models around here. I worked on this for like two weeks but I only actually spent about twenty hours total on it. 

My Bathroom
This is actually an exact  model of my bathroom, not a picture so don’t think that. I spent about two weeks total on this as well. One of my favorite works from myself.

PS: All videos I shoot are available in High Definition, all you have to do is either click on the Vimeo link or the YouTube video again to take it to the YouTube page, then click Watch in HD


I Can Turn To Skittles
This is a short video I did mainly just to see if I could.






Fire In My Kitchen
Learning some new software on some new computers






Warm Day Around The House (Not really VFX but I would really appreciate if you watched it and left feedback)
I had a lot of fun making this just for the fun of it. Ha.