3D Overwatch Mercy Valkrie Wallpaper Render

3D Overwatch Mercy Valkrie Wallpaper Fanart

Some decent time has passed since my last render, although I’ve been working on this new one for at least half of that time. Some other short-term projects had come up, as well as new hobbies. When I was nearing the end of this project the render times were somewhat prohibitive for further progress, which kind of burned me out on this a little. Since I only needed a couple fixes from what I thought was my final render, it … Read the rest

3D Overwatch Reaper Wallpaper Render

I’ve been hooked on Overwatch lately and there’s nothing like a beautiful environment that makes me want to dabble in 3D again. Using a few open source tools, I exported some models and textures for Reaper from Overwatch to play with. I quickly found that a decent amount of work was necessary to do what I wanted.

Once the mesh was cleaned up, I worked on repainting some areas of the textures because they were low resolution for my standards. … Read the rest

Neural Style GUI Released!

I jumped on the “Deep Style” craze a few months ago, and because I have a powerful machine I tried running a popular implementation called Neural Style to generate images. Neural Style is similar to “Deep Dream,” however it’s trained on a different model and it’s goal is to ‘deconstruct’ images and ‘reconstruct’ a new image using the ‘style’ of some images and the ‘content’ of another. Other popular services – mainly web-based but there are a few mobile apps … Read the rest

3D Minecraft Tower Rear Render

Minecraft Tower Rear 3D Render Wallpaper

With a lot of experience coming from the past few renders, I was able to generate this image with ridiculously less render time than when I was first playing with it weeks ago. While I didn’t think the last image benefitted from displacements, I love the look of it on this render. This is a rear view of the tower we’ve constructed, looking at it from a walkway to an unfinished pylon.

Notice in this render the IndustralCraft wires and … Read the rest

Minecraft Tower Render

Minecraft Tower 3D Render Wallpaper

This is a somewhat closer view of that tower you might have noticed in the previous images. Most of our time has been spent inside or around the tower, which is full of machines, chests, and crops, so it’s nice to see views of it from far away. You might also notice many plants and blocks from Biomes-o-Plenty, an export made much easier by my DataDumper mod a few posts back.

Minecraft Tower 3D Render WallpaperRead the rest

Large Wide Minecraft World Render

I really don’t have a good naming convention for the following renders, so forgive the titles. I’ve put a lot of work into making the materials I’m using for these – only one of which required a modification to my shader (bug fix!). After ironing out all but the smallest of details, my latest tweaks require the most time so far – and it’s mainly render time given the need for high-quality renders to spot any issues. However, this wider … Read the rest

DataDumper & Brief Update

Hello out there, it has been a while! More on that in a bit; first I want to introduce a mod that I’ve started for Minecraft which should interest anyone who likes to export their worlds for printing, rendering, or whatever else you might do with it.


DataDumper is a Forge mod for 1.7.10 that exports all loaded block and item data, and more importantly, it supports exporting configuration files for use in jMc2Obj. It tries to use … Read the rest

The Specular Layer

The specular layer represents the second layer of my uber-shader where the reflected light varies between rough and sharp. Reflected light can consist of light from punctual light sources, image sources, and/or reflections of other objects. In general, if the reflected light varies from different viewing angles, then the specular layer will handle those reflections.

In most shaders, specularity represents the reflections of light sources in the scene, and reflections represent the reflections of objects in the scene. In fact, … Read the rest

The Diffuse Layer

The diffuse layer represents the bottom-most layer of my uber-shader where light is reflected almost uniformly across all directions, usually because the surface is extremely rough and light does not penetrate the surface to any noticeable effect. Reflected light can consist of light from punctual light sources, image sources, and/or reflections of other objects. In general, “the vast majority¬†of visible objects are seen primarily by diffuse reflection.”

The most common diffuse shader model by far is the Lambert … Read the rest