But no real update for a little while. Work/School have taken over my schedule for a little while. I have to finish a LOT of pictures from the vacation, and get you guys some updates. So… Until then.

  No update until next Wednesday. I will be gone.


  Here’s the few that are going on right now.


So I modeled a ceiling fan for the living room, another one with lights for the bedroom, a couch for the living room, and a lamp for the foyer. The bedroom lamps look weird because they were too bright, and…

Check it out

So I modeled a fridge and a microwave for the kitchen. I also got some of the lights done for both of the rooms. Recessed lights for the living room and a 4×2 flourescent fixture for the kitchen. I turned…


So here’s another combo update. Two new views from the house. I didn’t do much though. Just a little material and light tweaking. And the Zinnia has started to bloom. I’m guessing it’s a kind of blue-ish color (I’m color…


For the long wait. The truth is, this image has been rendering since before the last update. I kicked the settings up too high. But I didn’t have the heart to stop it. ALSO: I just changed the theme. It’s…

Little Big Plants

This is a small update. Pictures were taken handheld so some didn’t turn out and I trashed them and these are alright. Two sunflowers have a small bud growing, one of them is looking quiet diseased however. Zinnia’s bud has…


      I’ll have a plant update in the morning probably.


I just got a bunch of coverart and put it on that model to make some little objects for the entertainment system Zach made. And I made  a TV