Large Wide Minecraft World Render

I really don’t have a good naming convention for the following renders, so forgive the titles. I’ve put a lot of work into making the materials I’m using for these – only one of which required a modification to my shader (bug fix!). After ironing out all but the smallest of details, my latest tweaks require the most time so far – and it’s mainly render time given the need for high-quality renders to spot any issues. However, this wider view requires significantly less manual work as well as render time, so I figured I would share my progress with this.

I am impressed with my machine’s capabilities to export and render these large data sets. Since this render was a very quick 40-minutes, my only limiting resource for large-scale renders is RAM, and this barely touched my 32GB. I think I’m going to push that to the limit next and come back with something much larger.

minecraft-world-wide-viewOpen the image in a new tab/window to get the full 4K version 😉