Minecraft Cabin Render

After wrapping up a large portion of the code of my ubershader, I wanted to try it out in a production-friendlier environment to look for possible improvements. I did find a few bugs and quirks, but all is better now! I think you’ll be able to see that the quality of this image is quite better than my previous renders of Minecraft scenery.

3D Minecraft Render Cabin

A few features of the shader that I’ll be going over soon are in that image:

  • The Diffuse Layer
    • Direct Illumination (from one light and an image)
    • Indirect Illumination (light that has bounced off of other objects)
    • Diffuse roughness is correctly implemented in both cases.
  • The Specular Layer
    • Lights
    • Scene (reflections of objects and an image)
    • Specular roughness is correctly implemented in both cases.

There’s an additional coating layer, but that went unused in this example. Indirect Illumination had the biggest impact on time, but with or without it the render times were very reasonable because of certain optimizations I’ve made. Now that I’ve refined the way the shader works, I can start talking about it again in my next post.