Quick Kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I’ve been really busy. The fact that I do most of this stuff when I’m at work means that when I’m at home, I don’t want to do it that much anymore. With that said, I’ve felt the urge to start something small here. Less time spend making things means more time spent observing things, and today I wanted to create something small. I used to love making interiors, and I haven’t gotten to do one lately. So, I decided to make a very quick (gave myself two hours) interior kitchen scene. After doing this, I realized that I could create a few very targeted interior scenes without putting days of work into each. So you might expect more from me in the next few weeks as I find some time.

3D Kitchen scene

Also, I’ve been doing a lot of things 3Delight related (including rewriting all of my shaders). Expect updates on those as well.