3Delight for Maya and Shave & Haircut

Joe Alter’s Shave & Haircut works really well with 3Delight for Maya, if you can get a few things figured out.

First, it’s not as simple as making the hair and rendering it. There’s a few things you have to do in order to get everything working properly. I will assume you have already created your geometry, added hair, added lights, and are ready to render.

Depending on how complex you have your scene lit will depend on how complex this will be. The best way is to have lights which only light up a few objects each. This is the most efficient way to render. You can just put ALL the lights into a set and ALL the objects into a set, but that’s your rendertime, not mine.

So. Select the lights which are effecting the hair and the objects that the hairs shadow will fall upon. Goto Create >Sets > Set to put them into a set. Call it whatever you want, something like hairLights. Now, select all the objects the hair will cast a shadow onto and the hair itself. It is best to do this selection in the viewport, because the hair node you need is the one you get when you select the hair by one of it’s hairs. Create a set for this, and call if something like hairShadowObjects. Select these objects again, and with the 3Delight Assignment Panel assign an Attribs thing to them. Call it what you want, and then press the AE button to open it in the Attribute Editor.

Add the attribute for Lighting > Illumination From. Select the hairLight set in the option menu for that attribute. Add a surface shader. For the hair shader, choose the one in the list called Shave. Now, select the lights that are in the light set. Turn on their depth map shadows. In the 3Delight Assignment Panel, assign Attribs. Press AE for the Attribs and turn on Generate Shadow Maps. Change the Type to Deep. Then, under Shadow Objects, change the set to the hairShadowObjects.

Now, you can render and you SHOULD be getting normal shadows from the hair onto itself and other objects.