So I’ve moved the newest plants outside and out of their little containers. The tomato plant’s roots were everywhere at the bottom and some fell out, shocking the plant and it died. So I’ll start another one and transplant it really soon. The rest of the roots weren’t bad, all compact but definitely needed more space. Hopefully they weren’t shocked when I moved them.

Teddy Bear sunflower has a few new small blooms, none have opened. The first bloom has reached it’s climax and is slowly tipping over and getting smaller, so I cut him off.

Zinnia just keeps popping out more blooms.

The sunflower’s head has filled itself with little loops, which might turn into seeds later on. It hasn’t opened all the way yet though, it kinda looks like the cones you put on dog’s heads.

The peppers weren’t doing very well, I put them outside and all their lives shriveled up and got really crunchy. I thought that was the end of them, but since they’ve been inside I’ve cut all the dead leaves off and new ones are coming. Resurrection!

The big sunflower outside is getting big, almost two feet tall now. Just one of it’s leaves is about the size of the indoor sunflowers. Fun.

I don’t have much time for pics now, so I’ll get some later on.