The newest sunflowers and tomatos are doing nicely. They’re all about 1.5″ tall with their first set of true leaves, some working on their second. They look thick and healthy. The tomatos I put into soil late because when I got to them, they had already sprouted and grown 2″ in search of light. So they’re in soil now with the rest, and hopefully they’ll stiffen up. They were out in the wind the other day but they withstood it. It’s getting pretty hot outside during the day, but still chilly at night. I’ve been leaving the new ones out there during the day so they can get accustomed to outside. The mammoth sunflower (12ft) I had with them is almost 5″ tall with almost two sets of leaves. I felt he was outgrowing the little section I had him in so I went ahead and planted him outside. I’m also moving my peppers outside for the majority of the day because they seem to not be getting enough heat and/or light. And partly because one bloom (all the others last a few days and shrivel) has a pepper on it! It’s about the size of an oval shaped pea right now. I’ll get pics later.