C-c-c-c-c-c-combo update!

I’ve noticed each flower has a bud-like part growing out now. Seems alright for the Zinnia considering they only take around 2 months to grow, and it’s been 2 months. Sunflowers take anywhere from 3-4 months, so we’re closing in on that also. My only concern is that the plants are so short. I’m wondering if keeping the light so close to them has stunted their growth because they don’t feel the need to get closer to the light for more energy. I know I got dwarf sunflowers and all, but they’re not even six inches tall right now. I’m keeping my eye on them.



Also, here’s an update on my little project. I’ve moved over to the living room for now. My friend (and partner on this project) modeled the entertainment set and table. The only thing I’ve done for this update is model the blinds for the windows (that was a bitch) and retexture the entire house (also). Although the blinds aren’t in this update because I modeled them closed and it’s not letting a lot of light in at all. And I need insane render settings for them to look good. I’ll make them open some other time -_-