Mini Update


I’ll keep this short and simple:

I don’t think my Moss Roses were dying from damping off. I forgot I had some left in their germination chamber and I looked at them today and there were almost twenty sprouts, all almost an inch high, holding up the top layer paper towel.

If they grew and survived in there, as humid and wet as that is, I doubt a little water killed them.

So I think they dried out.

I’m experimenting with other ways of growing them. I put some dirt in the germination chamber and did everything else like normal. This way they’ll grow into the dirt from the beginning and I can keep them humid because my other ways of keeping them wet as they were in the pots wasn’t working so well apparently.

Flowers are all doing good. The first Zinnia actually has like four more sets of leaves growing. One tiny set has branched off of each already grown set.

The biggest sunflower has a little yellowed tip on one of it’s leaves. I really hope that is not downy mildew setting it. That would suck, a LOAD.



Here’s a funny phrase: I’m not cut out for this.

As if we’re all cut out with little human shaped cookie cutters when we’re born.

“Oh man! I accidentially used a Business Executive cutout on this guy labeled for Part Time Janitor. Damn.”



I almost forgot!!

I’m working on a movie script. I don’t know if I mentioned it from the beginning of the blog, but I had a movie in pre-production. Well I decided to get with it again and I’m writing out a formal script for it.

I’ve got my main actor and sound technician already set out also.