Poor little

Roses =/ They went off and killed themselves.

Not really. They died from “damping off disease.” They actually prefer hot dry locations. But they need water to start up and get growing.

Well the day before yesterday I looked at them and they were all straight up in the air. Really thin plants, like the size of a piece of hair.

I sprayed them with a little water and the next day they’re all dead.

So this time I’ve combined germination and initial planting. I wet the soil they’ll be in and dropped quite a few in (Since they’re so small this package has like hundreds of them). Then I covered the pots to keep it moist just like when they’re germinating. I’ll check back every few hours and as soon as I see sprouts I’ll uncover them and it’ll naturally dry out. Hopefully they’ll grow this time.

With the Zinnia’s, two of them made it, one of them didn’t. I don’t know why. I think he wasn’t strong enough to move over this little piece of dirt and just gave up. But I had kept the others germinating just to see what would happen and they’re all the same size as the potted ones. I guess I had a little hydroponic system set up haha.

So I took one out and planted him in the other one’s pot.

I’ll get pictures whenever I get some sprouts.

Sunflowers are all doing good. Working on another set of leaves.