Double Trouble


So another plant update. Each sunflower almost looks identical now, with the exception that one is fat and one is tall and one is well, more normal.

But each of them are growing their second pair of leaves. Kinda hard to tell in these because the water accumulated on them but they are awfully noticeable. The zinnia hasn’t changed much. A tiny stem is poking out from in between the leaves, so.

I lined the inside of the container with aluminum foil to try and keep more light in there. And then I hung some foil off of the lamp itself to direct the light more. They need all they can get from now on.

Again, pictures in order of plants.

In other news:

Screw cars! My jeep basically needs a new transmission. It’ll cost almost as much as we bought the damn thing for, not to mention the 42RE transmission BLOWS, so we’re paying a lot for like, crap.

I’m debating saving up for that, or just getting a new car. I’d love something with more MPG >_>


And in more other, other, news. Yes I am working on something VFX related. Not really VFX because I’m not like adding anything cool to existing footage, I’m just keeping in touch with my modeling. (on an epic scale) When I finish the part of it that I’m working on now I’ll post pictures here. Not trying to spoil anything, but it’ll be like my bathroom, times ten.


EDIT: Here’s that update. Quick render setup.