Hey Paul

So I’ve decided to grow some Sunflowers inside cause it’s too cold outside, it will be too cold for a long time, and I want something to do. Watching plants grow seems fun.

I’ve narrowed it down to two species of them. One less than two feet tall (really miniature) and one about 4 feet tall (semi miniature).

I’ll need some awesome lights to grow them indoor and I think I’ve found what I need. Whenever I get everything planned down to every “t” and “i” I’ll show you pictures of everything.

What a fun little side project.

Meanwhile. On my short animation I have finished everything I had originally planned for. But I feel like it shouldn’t end here. But everything else seems to branch off too far. Hmm.

I’m about to start on yet another project as well. Basically a full interior. More details later.