Tonight was

Pretty awesome.

I went to an old good friend’s concert (their first show). I recored the whole thing and ATM that is being captured to my other computer, then I’ll make it all nice and export which will take too damn long for what it’s worth, and then I’ll upload which will, of course, take too damn long.

On the same note, rendering of scene six of this animation is taking far too damn long. By time I got home it finished 80 frames at half resolution of the IR Maps (the easiest part) in just about.. oh.. maybe like…. twenty four thousand seconds? What the hell is that?

It sounds like a like and I CBA to see how many minutes or hours that is.

So as that drags on as well as everything else I’ll just post this to let you know that the concert video will be up ASAP (tomorrow night?) and I’m still working on my animation.

So I’ll post that then.


UPDATE: I had some trouble capturing (one dropped frame halfway through screwed the whole thing up. I had bad importing settings) so I redid it this morning. Each clip is exporting right now. There’s four of them, for four songs. They each take about 24 minutes to encode. And then I have to upload them all (about 1gb of endoded footage) to YouTube (Vimeo only allows 500mb and one HD file per week. I used to like Vimeo more =/) which will take god knows how long.